Nature & Sustainability

We strongly believe that we have to preserve nature not because otherwise we will be affected negatively, but because nature has intrinsic rights, independent of humankind, which we as humans need to fully respect.

Knowing the volume of the industry and its effect on nature, we feel responsible for reducing our carbon footprint and helping the industry become greener in every sense.

With this view, we fulfill all the obligations under local and international laws and regulations, regarding below principles;
- Environmental awareness
- Waste (Air, Water, Solids) Management
- Safe & Healthy Work Environment
- Traceability of production
and we enforce our subcontractors to do the same.

As a production facility, we are focusing on shifting our product range to include more articles with sustainable yarns, such as Tencel, Modal, Better Cotton…

We only work with subcontractors that are sustainable and have full traceability.

All our production is made within OEKO TEX standards.

We also started our transition process to The Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) approach.

Human Rights

- No Child Labour Policy
  • We do not employ minors under any circumstances.
- Workplace Health and Safety
  • We guarantee a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees. We ensure providing them with the necessary safety equipment and gear.
- No Discrimination Policy
  • We have zero tolerance for all types of discrimination, within and outside the company’s premises.
- Equal Opportunity Policy
  • We commit to ensure equality, treat everyone with respect and promote diversity in the workplace. This policy applies to all employees, job candidates, contractors and visitors.
- Women Empowerment
  • We fully support the empowerment of women in the social and the economic life, and their full and effective participation in the decision making processes. 60% of our managerial personnel consist of our women colleagues.
- Wages and Working Hours
  • We ensure that wages are paid in full and without latency, that is always above the necessary amount for the basic needs of our employees and their families. Local and International regulations regarding working hours are respected.